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Examples of 'actuate' in a Sentence

1. Pressing the lever will actuate the hydraulic system.
2. The wind turbine is actuated by the force of the wind.
3. The alarm will actuate if there's a breach in security.
4. The foot pedal actuates the brake in the car.
5. They designed a system to actuate the factory's machinery.
6. The trigger mechanism will actuate the firearm.
7. Pushing the start button will actuate the washing machine.
8. An electrical signal can actuate the robotic arm.
9. A simple switch can actuate the doorbell.
10. The emergency button will actuate the fire alarm.
11. The heat sensor will actuate the cooling system.
12. Actuating the lever will release the brake on the bike.
13. A voice command can actuate the smart home devices.
14. To launch the rocket, they will actuate the ignition system.
15. The new software is designed to actuate the system automatically.
16. A simple button can actuate the entire mechanism.
17. The lever is used to actuate the brakes on the machine.
18. The remote control can actuate various functions on the television.
19. The sound of the alarm will actuate the emergency system.
20. The pressure plate will actuate the switch when stepped on.
21. The windmill will actuate the water pump through a series of gears.
22. The timer will actuate the sprinkler system at regular intervals.
23. The circuit breaker will actuate if there is a power surge.
24. The engineer adjusted the valve to actuate the hydraulic system properly.
25. The emergency stop button can actuate the shutdown of the entire factory.


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