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Examples of 'acuity' in a Sentence

1. The acuity of her memory allowed her to recall even the most minute details.
2. The acuity of his critical thinking skills made him an excellent problem solver.
3. His acuity in math helped him excel in the field of finance.
4. She had a keen acuity for detail which made her an excellent detective.
5. He was known for his acuity in spotting patterns in data.
6. Her acuity in language helped her become a successful translator.
7. He had a sharp acuity for business and always knew what to invest in.
8. She had a high acuity for color and was a gifted painter.
9. He had an acuity for understanding complex systems and was a sought-after engineer.
10. Her acuity for music made her an accomplished pianist.
11. He had a natural acuity for sports and was a star athlete.
12. She had an acuity for fashion and was a successful designer.
13. He had a high acuity for numbers and became a successful accountant.
14. She had an acuity for science and became a respected researcher.

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