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Examples of 'acumen' in a Sentence

1. Her acumen for marketing was unmatched in the industry.
2. He had an innate acumen for recognizing business opportunities.
3. Her legal acumen was highly respected in the field.
4. His acumen for numbers made him an invaluable asset to the team.
5. If only he possessed the business acumen to go with his artistic brilliance.
6. His acumen in business helped him become a successful entrepreneur.
7. Her acumen in politics allowed her to rise through the ranks of government.
8. His acumen in finance helped him make smart investments.
9. Her acumen in problem-solving allowed her to find creative solutions to difficult challenges.
10. His acumen in sports helped him become a successful coach.
11. Her acumen in marketing allowed her to develop successful campaigns for her clients.
12. His acumen in technology helped him develop innovative products.
13. What he lacked in business acumen he made up with creative flair.
14. Her acumen in leadership enabled her to effectively manage her team.

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