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Examples of 'acute' in a Sentence

1. The economist provided an acute analysis of the current market trends.
2. The child had an acute sense of curiosity, always asking thought-provoking questions.
3. The athlete suffered from an acute injury that required immediate medical attention.
4. The professor's acute memory allowed him to recall historical dates with accuracy.
5. The storm brought an acute sense of danger, with strong winds and torrential rain.
6. The patient showed acute symptoms of the flu, including a high fever and severe body aches.
7. The artist had an acute eye for detail, creating intricate and lifelike paintings.
8. The journalist had an acute sense of timing, always publishing articles at the most opportune moments.
9. The team faced an acute challenge, requiring innovative solutions and quick decision-making.
10. The researcher's acute observation skills helped uncover patterns in the data.
11. The acute pain in her back made it difficult for her to sit or stand for long periods.
12. The detective's acute intuition led her to the correct suspect in the murder case.
13. The pilot had an acute sense of direction, navigating through dense fog without difficulty.
14. The investor had an acute awareness of market fluctuations, making shrewd investment decisions.


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