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Examples of 'adapt' in a Sentence

1. People often need to adapt to new situations in order to succeed.
2. The company had to adapt its marketing strategy to reach a wider audience.
3. In order to fit in, he had to adapt to the local customs and traditions.
4. The team quickly learned to adapt to the coach's demanding training methods.
5. It takes time to adapt to a new work environment.
6. The plants in the desert have adapted to survive with minimal water.
7. As technology advances, businesses must adapt to stay competitive.
8. When traveling to different time zones, it can take a few days to adapt to the new schedule.
9. It is essential for immigrants to adapt to the local language and culture.
10. Some animals can adapt their behavior to camouflage themselves from predators.
11. The software developer had to adapt the program to work on different operating systems.
12. When faced with adversity, resilient individuals adapt and find solutions.
13. The team had to adapt their game plan after the opposing team changed their strategy.
14. In order to meet customer demands, companies must constantly adapt their products.
15. Students need to adapt their study habits to different subjects.
16. It can be challenging to adapt to a new routine after a long vacation.
17. The artist had to adapt to using a different medium for their latest project.
18. The climate is changing, and we need to adapt our lifestyles to reduce our impact.
19. Actors must adapt to different roles and characters in their performances.

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