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Examples of 'addendum' in a Sentence

1. An unexpected addendum clarified the project's timeline.
2. The employee handbook had an addendum addressing remote work.
3. The recipe book's addendum offered vegan alternatives.
4. A legal addendum addressed liability in the partnership agreement.
5. The research paper included an addendum citing recent studies.
6. The product manual had an addendum with troubleshooting tips.
7. The contract's addendum covered intellectual property rights.
8. The wedding invitation had a heartfelt addendum from the couple.
9. The homeowner's insurance policy had an addendum for flood coverage.
10. The novel's addendum revealed the protagonist's fate after the story.
11. The conference program featured an addendum with room changes.
12. An addendum in the syllabus detailed the grading criteria.
13. The software license included an addendum for software updates.
14. The travel brochure had an addendum with safety guidelines.
15. The author released an addendum to the book with additional chapters.
16. Before finalizing the contract, they attached an addendum to clarify certain terms and conditions.
17. The teacher provided an addendum to the syllabus with updated information about the course schedule.
18. The publisher decided to include an addendum with corrections to errors found in the first edition.
19. The board meeting minutes were already sent out, but an addendum was later circulated to include some missing details.
20. The new evidence was added to the case file as an addendum, to be presented in the next hearing.
21. The article was followed by an addendum, giving credit to all the contributors and sources used.
22. As construction progressed, the client requested several changes which were documented in an addendum to the original building plan.
23. The company issued an addendum to the employee handbook to address recent changes in company policies.
24. The software update came with an addendum listing the new features and improvements.
25. The historical text featured an addendum with modern interpretations and analysis.
26. She received a letter with an addendum clarifying the terms of the insurance policy.


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