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Examples of 'additional' in a Sentence

1. Additional resources can enhance productivity.
2. There's an additional charge for expedited shipping.
3. We have additional copies available in the office.
4. Please make an additional effort to meet the deadline.
5. An additional layer of security is recommended.
6. They discussed the need for additional training.
7. The recipe calls for additional seasoning.
8. The report includes additional recommendations.
9. We have additional supplies in the storage room.
10. She added an additional twist to the story.
11. Additional research is required for a comprehensive study.
12. The software update offers additional features.
13. The package includes an additional surprise gift.
14. We appreciate your additional contributions to the team.
15. We need to purchase additional supplies for the upcoming project.
16. The company announced an additional bonus for its employees as a token of appreciation.
17. We have reserved an additional seat for unexpected guests.
18. The teacher assigned an additional reading assignment to further explore the topic.
19. He made an additional payment to cover the remaining balance.
20. The hotel offers additional amenities such as a spa and fitness center.
21. They decided to include additional features in the upgraded version of the software.
22. The team prepared additional backup plans in case of unforeseen circumstances.
23. I requested additional information from the customer service representative.
24. The event organizer provided additional seating to accommodate the larger-than-expected turnout.
25. The project manager allocated additional resources to expedite the completion of the task.

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