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Examples of 'adequate' in a Sentence


1. The customer service representative provided an adequate solution to the customer's complaint.
2. The car's fuel efficiency was considered adequate for long-distance travel.
3. The team completed the project with adequate time to spare.
4. The house had adequate insulation to maintain a comfortable temperature.
5. The restaurant's menu offered a variety of options, ensuring there was something adequate for everyone's taste.
6. The patient's vital signs were stable, indicating an adequate level of health.
7. The athlete's performance was adequate, but she aimed to surpass her personal best.
8. The hotel provided an adequate breakfast buffet for its guests.
9. The teacher provided an adequate explanation of the complex concept, ensuring students understood.
10. The financial planner ensured that the retirement savings were adequate to meet the client's needs.
11. The company's budget was deemed adequate to support the planned marketing campaign.
12. The apartment had adequate storage space for all of the tenant's belongings.
13. The municipality provided adequate public transportation options for its residents.
14. The guidelines set forth by the organization were deemed adequate for maintaining safety standards.

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