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Examples of 'adhere' in a Sentence

1. It's essential to adhere to safety regulations in the lab.
2. Some politicians adhere to a conservative ideology.
3. The team members adhere to a strong work ethic.
4. They adhere to a philosophy of minimalist living.
5. In times of crisis, people often adhere to religious beliefs.
6. Drivers must adhere to speed limits for safety.
7. The community adheres to sustainable farming practices.
8. The artist adheres to a unique and unconventional style.
9. Many cultures adhere to their own customs and traditions.
10. Patients should adhere to their prescribed medication.
11. Investors often adhere to a long-term investment strategy.
12. The organization encourages members to adhere to its values.
13. It's important to adhere to ethical principles in business.
14. The team plans to adhere to the project timeline.
15. It is important to adhere to the guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
16. The paint will not adhere properly to the surface if it is not cleaned beforehand.
17. The company must adhere to environmental regulations to avoid penalties.
18. The bandages adhere to the skin to protect the wound from infection.
19. The chef emphasized that one must adhere to the recipe for the dish to turn out perfect.
20. For the contract to be valid, both parties have to adhere to the terms and conditions stated.
21. The tiles will adhere to the floor more effectively if you use a high-quality adhesive.
22. The diplomat urged the countries to adhere to the peace treaty they signed last year.
23. The athletes are required to adhere to a strict training regimen to remain competitive.
24. The community group strives to adhere to its mission of serving the underprivileged.
25. The artist uses a special kind of glue to make the fabric adhere to the canvas in his mixed-media pieces.

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