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Examples of 'adherent' in a Sentence

1. He considered himself an adherent of the classical school of economics.
2. The politician's most vocal adherent campaigned tirelessly on his behalf.
3. She was an enthusiastic adherent of meditation for stress relief.
4. He was an adherent of the belief that laughter is the best medicine.
5. The scientist's adherent eagerly embraced his groundbreaking research.
6. As an adherent of organic farming, she grew her vegetables without pesticides.
7. The yoga teacher's adherent practiced mindfulness daily.
8. He was a firm adherent of the idea that education should be accessible to all.
9. The author's adherent eagerly awaited the release of her latest book.
10. She was an unwavering adherent of the principles of equality and justice.
11. As an adherent of holistic healing, she explored alternative therapies.
12. He was an adherent of the school of thought that emphasized individual liberty.
13. The environmentalist's adherent participated in conservation efforts regularly.
14. She remained a steadfast adherent of the belief that kindness could change the world.
15. He is an ardent adherent of the principles of democracy.


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