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Examples of 'adjacent' in a Sentence

1. The cafe is in the adjacent building, just a short walk away.
2. The adjacent apartments have similar floor plans.
3. Our table at the restaurant is by the window, adjacent to the river.
4. The adjacent fields are filled with colorful wildflowers.
5. The park has an adjacent trail for hiking and biking.
6. The adjacent shops offer a variety of unique gifts.
7. The library is in the adjacent block, making it convenient to visit.
8. The hotel's pool is adjacent to the fitness center.
9. The conference rooms are located in the adjacent wing.
10. Our seats at the theater are in the adjacent row.
11. The school is adjacent to the community center.
12. The playground is adjacent to the schoolyard.
13. The adjacent houses have beautifully landscaped gardens.
14. The art gallery is adjacent to the historic district, making it a perfect cultural stop.
15. The hotel is conveniently located adjacent to the airport, making it perfect for travelers.
16. The two countries are adjacent to each other and share a long border.
17. The coffee shop is adjacent to a bookstore, creating a perfect spot for book lovers.
18. The conference room is adjacent to the lobby, making it easy for guests to find.
19. The forest adjacent to the village is a popular spot for hiking and picnics.
20. She lives in the apartment adjacent to mine, so we often see each other.
21. The new shopping mall is being built on a plot adjacent to the highway.
22. The museum is situated adjacent to the historical monument, attracting many tourists.
23. The restaurant's patio is adjacent to a beautiful garden, offering a serene dining experience.
24. Parking for the event is available in the adjacent lot next to the stadium.
25. The two adjacent islands are connected by a charming wooden bridge.

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