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Examples of 'adjudge' in a Sentence

1. Experts adjudge the quality of wines in the annual contest.
2. Scholars adjudge the authenticity of ancient artifacts globally.
3. "We adjudge her the winner," announced the competition's host.
4. In the finale, viewers adjudge the winner via their votes.
5. The tribunal will adjudge war criminals’ cases rigorously.
6. Critics often adjudge films, influencing their public reception.
7. Let's adjudge the evidence before making a final decision.
8. Regulators adjudge the impact of chemicals on the environment.
9. We will adjudge the students’ projects fairly and impartially.
10. Lawyers adjudge legal documents’ validity in intricate cases.
11. Audiences adjudge the victor in these popular singing competitions.
12. The board will adjudge applicants’ eligibility next Friday.
13. Inspectors adjudge restaurants, ensuring health standards are met.
14. The council will adjudge the new policy's effectiveness yearly.
15. The jury will adjudge the defendant guilty or innocent.
16. The judge adjudge the accused to be sentenced to life in prison.
17. The referee will adjudge a penalty against the opposing team.
18. The court will adjudge the rightful owner of the disputed property.
19. The committee will adjudge the best candidate for the scholarship.
20. The arbitrator will adjudge a fair resolution to the dispute.
21. The board of directors will adjudge the best proposal for the project.
22. The panel of judges will adjudge the winner of the talent show.
23. The teacher will adjudge the students' essays based on their quality.
24. The umpire will adjudge a foul for the player's illegal action.
25. The panel of experts will adjudge the artwork to be authentic or counterfeit.

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