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Examples of 'adjudicate' in a Sentence

1. The board has the power to adjudicate disciplinary matters within the organization.
2. We must find someone impartial to adjudicate this debate.
3. The regulatory agency will adjudicate complaints against licensed professionals.
4. She is well-respected for her ability to fairly adjudicate complex cases.
5. The sports federation will adjudicate any disputes that arise during the tournament.
6. You should let a mediator adjudicate the issue before taking it to court.
7. The elders will adjudicate the matter according to traditional customs.
8. The international court will adjudicate claims of human rights violations.
9. The college dean is going to adjudicate cases of academic dishonesty.
10. It's important to find a knowledgeable person to adjudicate disputes in specialized fields.
11. The panel will adjudicate the competition and announce the winner by the end of the day.
12. The two companies agreed to have an arbitrator adjudicate their contract dispute.
13. The court is expected to adjudicate several important cases this term.
14. The judge will adjudicate the complex case next week, weighing all evidence.
15. The arbitration panel must adjudicate the dispute fairly and impartially.
16. It's the responsibility of the referee to adjudicate fouls during the game.
17. The international court will adjudicate matters of war crimes and justice.
18. The committee will adjudicate on the eligibility of the scholarship applicants.
19. The board convened to adjudicate the ethical violations of the organization's members.
20. The mediator will help the parties reach a settlement before adjudication.
21. The appellate court will adjudicate whether the lower court's decision was just.
22. The tribal council convened to adjudicate land disputes among members.
23. The union and management reached an agreement before formal adjudication.
24. The independent ombudsman will adjudicate grievances from employees.


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