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Examples of 'adjunct' in a Sentence


1. The adjunct assistant director was responsible for overseeing the film's special effects.
2. He uses adjunct spices to enhance the flavor of his dishes.
3. The conference included an adjunct keynote speaker who discussed emerging trends in technology.
4. She works as an adjunct therapist for a mental health clinic.
5. The library has an adjunct collection of rare books that can only be viewed with special permission.
6. The adjunct professor, with her extensive industry experience, brought practical insights to the classroom.
7. The beautifully landscaped garden served as an adjunct to the sprawling city park, providing a serene escape for visitors.
8. He serves as an adjunct consultant to the company, offering specialized expertise on an as-needed basis.
9. An adjunct clause, appended to the main sentence, clarified the point and added important information.
10. This innovative tool, designed to streamline workflow, is an indispensable adjunct for professionals in the field.
11. The recently constructed annex, serving as an adjunct building, provided much-needed office space for the expanding company.
12. She's an adjunct member of the research team, contributing her expertise on a project-by-project basis.
13. His work, though distinct from mine, is considered an adjunct to our overall research efforts.
14. The comprehensive textbook includes an adjunct CD containing supplementary materials, such as interactive exercises.
15. The state-of-the-art laboratory, functioning as an adjunct facility, supported groundbreaking scientific research.
16. The skilled assistant, serving as an adjunct to the lead researcher, played a crucial role in data collection and analysis.
17. An adjunct module, integrated into the software, provides users with additional features and customization options.
18. His role, though not full-time, is an essential adjunct position that bolsters the team's capabilities.
19. The spacious studio, functioning as an adjunct space to the main office, served as a creative hub for the design team.
20. The challenging internship, serving as an adjunct job opportunity, provided valuable hands-on experience for students.
21. An adjunct article, published alongside the main research paper, offered further insights into the study's findings.
22. This online resource, designed as an adjunct tool for educators, provides lesson plans and interactive materials.
23. The annual conference, functioning as an adjunct event to the larger industry convention, attracted specialized professionals.
24. The mobile app, developed as an adjunct tool for travelers, offers real-time updates and navigation assistance.
25. The advanced course includes an adjunct syllabus with recommended readings and supplementary materials for in-depth study.


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