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Examples of 'administer' in a Sentence

1. She must administer the company's social media accounts.
2. The teacher will administer a quiz to assess learning.
3. The CEO will administer the strategic planning process.
4. He'll administer first aid until help arrives.
5. She'll administer the charity's relief efforts.
6. They must administer the election fairly.
7. The supervisor will administer employee evaluations.
8. The doctor will administer the medication carefully.
9. She administers the nonprofit organization's finances.
10. He administers the sports league's rules.
11. The technician will administer software updates.
12. The committee will administer the scholarship program.
13. They'll administer the safety protocols at the event.
14. The principal will administer the school-wide assessment.
15. The doctor will administer anesthesia before the surgery.
16. The teacher will administer the final exam to the students.
17. The HR manager will administer the employee performance evaluations.
18. The pharmacist will administer the prescribed medication to the customer.
19. The supervisor will administer the training program for the new employees.
20. The coach will administer the fitness test to the athletes.
21. The judge will administer the oath to the witnesses in the courtroom.
22. The government will administer the distribution of relief supplies to the affected areas.
23. The veterinarian will administer the necessary vaccines to the animals.
24. The IT administrator will administer the network security measures.

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