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Examples of 'adolescent' in a Sentence

1. The adolescent population is often targeted by advertisers for their purchasing power.
2. The therapist specialized in counseling adolescents dealing with mental health issues.
3. The adolescent brain undergoes significant development during this critical period.
4. Adolescent boys and girls often experience changes in their bodies and emotions.
5. My little sister is fascinated by adolescent celebrities and their lifestyles.
6. Teenagers go through a stage of adolescent rebellion as they try to assert their independence.
7. The adolescent years are a critical period for brain development and cognitive function.
8. The school counselor provides support and guidance to adolescent students dealing with mental health issues.
9. The book club read a coming-of-age novel about an adolescent girl growing up in a small town.
10. Adolescents today face many challenges such as cyberbullying and social media addiction.
11. The adolescent patient was diagnosed with anxiety and prescribed medication by the doctor.
12. Many parents find it challenging to communicate with their adolescent children during this phase of their lives.
13. The adolescent dog was full of energy and playful antics.
14. The adolescent years are a time of self-discovery and exploration of personal identity.


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