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Examples of 'advise' in a Sentence


1. Experts advise regular exercise for good health.
2. He'll advise the team on the project strategy.
3. Financial advisors can help you plan for the future.
4. She advised against buying that old car.
5. Let me advise you on a great book to read.
6. Politicians often advise on economic policies.
7. They will advise you on home improvement projects.
8. Your doctor can advise you on a healthy diet.
9. Teachers advise students about college options.
10. Can you advise me on starting a small business?
11. He'll advise you on how to solve that problem.
12. Counselors can advise on relationship issues.
13. Experts advise caution when dealing with wildlife.
14. She advised him to pursue his passion for art.
15. I would advise you to save some money for emergencies.
16. The lawyer will advise the client on the best course of action for the case.
17. The weather forecast will advise travelers to avoid certain routes due to heavy snowfall.
18. The professor will advise students who need help with their research projects.
19. Before making any investment, it is wise to consult a financial expert who can advise you properly.
20. The guidebook will advise tourists on the must-see attractions in the city.
21. The nutritionist will advise the athlete on the best diet to enhance performance.
22. The government will advise residents to evacuate if the hurricane approaches the coast.
23. The mentor will advise the startup on strategies for business growth and development.
24. The technician will advise the customer on how to troubleshoot basic issues with the device.
25. The safety officer will advise the staff on protocols to follow in case of a fire.

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