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Examples of 'aeon' in a Sentence

1. She impatiently waited, feeling as if an aeon had passed in the bustling city.
2. The elders imparted their wisdom through countless aeons of tradition.
3. The magnificent mountain range had been forming over an indescribable aeon.
4. An aeon of profound silence enveloped the ancient, candlelit room.
5. The crumbling ruins bore silent witness to an aeon of glorious history.
6. They unearthed a priceless relic from aeons ago, a true archaeological marvel.
7. The planet's rich geological history spans an astonishing aeon.
8. Time seemed to stretch into an interminable aeon during the exhaustive lecture.
9. In just a single aeon, technology has advanced at an unprecedented rate.
10. The tree's gnarled roots had grown remarkably deep over countless aeons.
11. It felt like an aeon had passed since their last heartfelt conversation.
12. The geological changes over an aeon shaped the landscape dramatically.
13. It felt like an aeon had passed since they last met as children.
14. In the vastness of space, an aeon is but a fleeting moment.
15. The ancient civilization thrived for countless aeons.
16. The philosopher delved into the mysteries of existence over an aeon.
17. The stars have burned for aeons, casting their light upon us.
18. They awaited the return of the legendary hero for an aeon.
19. To the mountain, a human's existence is a mere blip in an aeon.
20. The ancient ruins held secrets from aeons ago.
21. The ocean's depths conceal remnants of aeons-old creatures.

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