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Examples of 'aerodynamic' in a Sentence

1. The yacht had an aerodynamic hull for improved performance.
2. The new bicycle featured an aerodynamic frame for better speed.
3. The Formula 1 car had intricate aerodynamic features.
4. The athlete wore an aerodynamic suit for the race.
5. The spaceship's design was focused on being aerodynamic in space.
6. The wind tunnel tests improved the car's aerodynamic efficiency.
7. The jet fighter's wings were designed to be highly aerodynamic.
8. The speedboat's hull was shaped for optimal aerodynamics.
9. The athlete's shoes had an aerodynamic profile for sprinting.
10. The cyclist's wheels were designed to be highly aerodynamic.
11. The drone's streamlined body made it highly aerodynamic.
12. The bullet train's nose was aerodynamically designed for speed.
13. The new swimsuit had an aerodynamic texture for competitive swimmers.
14. The drone's aerodynamic design allowed it to maneuver with precision.
15. The aerodynamic design of a race car can give it a significant advantage on the track.
16. An aerodynamic wing is an essential component of an airplane that helps it to fly.
17. Aerodynamic testing is used to measure the airflow around a vehicle and make adjustments for optimal performance.
18. The aerodynamic properties of a bullet affect its trajectory and range.
19. An aerodynamic helmet is designed to reduce wind resistance and noise for cyclists and motorcyclists.
20. The aerodynamic design of a wind turbine blade helps to increase the efficiency of the turbine.
21. An aerodynamic fairing is a device that is attached to the frame of a bicycle to reduce drag.
22. The aerodynamic principles of gliders and hang gliders allow them to fly with minimal power.
23. An aerodynamic body kit can be added to a car to improve its performance on the track.
24. Aerodynamic drag is the force that opposes the motion of an object moving through a fluid, such as air.
25. The aerodynamic design of a building can affect its energy efficiency and resistance to wind.


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