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Examples of 'aerophobia' in a Sentence

1. The aerophobia support group shared coping strategies and personal experiences to help one another overcome their fear.
2. The aerophobia sufferer clutched onto their lucky charm tightly during takeoff, seeking a sense of security.
3. The pilot's calm and reassuring voice over the intercom helped ease the passengers' aerophobia.
4. Despite his aerophobia, he mustered the courage to board the plane, determined not to let fear control his life.
5. The therapist guided her through gradual exposure exercises to desensitize her aerophobia and build confidence in flying.
6. Her aerophobia made it impossible for her to board an airplane.
7. Aerophobia can lead to extreme anxiety when planning trips.
8. His aerophobia stemmed from a traumatic flight experience.
9. Overcoming aerophobia often requires professional help.
10. Aerophobia can limit one's career and personal opportunities.
11. The fear of flying, or aerophobia, affects millions worldwide.
12. Coping with aerophobia involves relaxation techniques.
13. Aerophobia can be triggered by turbulence or enclosed spaces.
14. She sought therapy to conquer her debilitating aerophobia.
15. Aerophobia is more common than many people realize.
16. The airline offers support for passengers with aerophobia.
17. The fear of flying, aerophobia, is a challenging phobia to conquer.
18. Aerophobia may result from a fear of heights or loss of control.
19. Aerophobia can be managed with gradual exposure therapy.
20. Support groups provide comfort to those with aerophobia.
21. Aerophobia can limit travel opportunities and experiences.
22. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help treat aerophobia.
23. Her aerophobia prevented her from attending family events.
24. Overcoming aerophobia is a significant achievement for many.

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