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Examples of 'aesthetic' in a Sentence


1. The restaurant's decor exuded a modern and chic aesthetic, creating a stylish dining experience.
2. The writer's prose was not only captivating in its storytelling but also had an aesthetic quality to it.
3. The musician's compositions incorporated elements from different genres, creating a distinct aesthetic.
4. The garden was meticulously designed with an aesthetic balance of colors, shapes, and textures.
5. The film director had a distinct visual aesthetic, often using bold and vibrant cinematography.
6. The website's layout and typography were carefully chosen to create an aesthetic user experience.
7. The vintage furniture gave the room a nostalgic aesthetic, transporting visitors to another era.
8. The artist explored various mediums to express their unique aesthetic vision.
9. The jewelry designer combined unconventional materials to create pieces with a striking aesthetic.
10. The clothing brand was renowned for its ethically sourced fabrics and sustainable aesthetic.
11. The makeup artist specialized in creating dramatic and artistic aesthetic looks.
12. The dancer's performance was a perfect blend of technical skill and aesthetic expression.
13. The landscape painter captured the scenic beauty of the countryside with a romantic aesthetic.
14. The graphic designer incorporated bold colors and abstract shapes to create an eye-catching aesthetic.


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