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Examples of 'affable' in a Sentence

1. The affable neighbor often hosted gatherings for the entire community.
2. The affable waiter provided exceptional service throughout the meal.
3. An affable sense of humor endeared him to his friends and family.
4. The affable teacher made learning an enjoyable experience for her students.
5. The affable bus driver greeted each passenger with a cheerful "Good morning."
6. Her affable personality made her an ideal candidate for customer service.
7. The affable mayor was known for his accessibility to the townspeople.
8. Even under pressure, he maintained his affable and professional demeanor.
9. The affable librarian was always willing to recommend a good book.
10. His affable charm won over the hearts of everyone at the party.
11. The affable tour guide shared fascinating stories about the city's history.
12. She approached difficult conversations with an affable attitude, easing tensions.
13. The affable coach motivated his team with positivity and encouragement.
14. His affable demeanor instantly put everyone at ease during the meeting.
15. She has an affable personality that makes her a joy to be around.
16. The affable barista greeted customers with a warm smile every morning.
17. Our affable neighbor is always willing to lend a helping hand.
18. The affable professor encouraged students to ask questions freely.
19. The affable receptionist made checking into the hotel a pleasant experience.
20. Despite his busy schedule, he remained affable and approachable.
21. An affable attitude is key to building strong relationships.
22. The affable coach motivated his team with his positive spirit.
23. Her affable nature made her a sought-after party guest.
24. The affable tour guide shared captivating stories with the group.


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