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Examples of 'affidavit' in a Sentence

1. The affidavit presented a chronological timeline of the incidents.
2. His meticulously drafted affidavit was a critical piece of evidence.
3. The witness recounted the entire incident in the lengthy affidavit.
4. The affidavit was signed under penalty of perjury.
5. The judge carefully scrutinized the affidavit during the trial.
6. A sworn affidavit is a legally binding document in court proceedings.
7. The affiant's handwriting was difficult to decipher in the affidavit.
8. The court required a signed affidavit from all involved parties.
9. Her detailed affidavit was essential in the immigration process.
10. The affidavit was notarized to ensure its legal validity.
11. The affiant's sincerity was evident in the heartfelt affidavit.
12. The attorney prepared a comprehensive affidavit for the case.
13. Providing false information in an affidavit constitutes perjury.
14. The court admitted the well-documented affidavit as evidence.
15. He took the oath seriously when signing the lengthy affidavit.
16. The court reviewed the signed affidavit before proceeding.
17. The affidavit provided an accurate account of the accident.
18. The notary administered the oath for the detailed affidavit.
19. The affidavit was submitted to support the plaintiff's claims.
20. The affiant's credibility was key in the affidavit's acceptance.
21. A notarized affidavit holds more weight in legal proceedings.
22. The court requested a sworn affidavit for the divorce case.
23. The lengthy affidavit contained extensive witness testimonies.
24. A properly notarized affidavit strengthens its legal standing.

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