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Examples of 'affiliation' in a Sentence

1. The politician's affiliation with a controversial organization raised concerns among voters.
2. The affiliation between the two companies resulted in a successful merger.
3. My affiliation with a professional networking group helped me land my dream job.
4. The new employee's affiliation with a competitor sparked curiosity among colleagues.
5. The artist's affiliation with a prestigious gallery boosted her credibility in the art world.
6. His affiliation with a renowned research institute granted him access to cutting-edge technology.
7. The university's affiliation with international universities provided students with study abroad opportunities.
8. The team's affiliation with a local community center allowed them to train in a state-of-the-art facility.
9. The scientist's affiliation with a prominent pharmaceutical company led to groundbreaking discoveries.
10. The employee's affiliation with a union ensured fair treatment and representation in negotiations.
11. The athlete's affiliation with a sports agency secured lucrative endorsement deals.
12. The journalist's affiliation with a reputable news outlet gave her access to exclusive interviews.
13. The student's affiliation with a student organization provided networking opportunities and extracurricular activities.
14. The organization's affiliation with a renowned expert in the field brought credibility to their research findings.
15. The politician's affiliation with the environmentalist group garnered support from like-minded voters.
16. The company's affiliation with international partners allowed for global expansion.
17. Membership in the professional association provided valuable networking opportunities and affiliations.
18. The athlete's affiliation with a renowned sports brand boosted their endorsement deals.
19. The nonprofit organization relied on its affiliations with local charities to maximize its impact.
20. His strong affiliation with the community earned him the trust and respect of its members.
21. The artist's affiliation with a prestigious gallery opened doors to exhibitions and recognition.
22. The website's affiliation with trusted online retailers ensured secure and reliable transactions.
23. The university's affiliation with industry leaders enhanced its reputation as a top educational institution.
24. The writer's affiliation with a publishing house granted access to literary resources and promotional support.
25. The student's affiliation with the student council provided a platform to voice concerns and make a positive impact on campus.

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