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Examples of 'affray' in a Sentence

1. The affray at the stadium marred the sporting event.
2. An affray erupted among rival gang members.
3. The pub owner called the police to disperse the affray.
4. The security team had to intervene in the affray.
5. The affray resulted in several injuries and arrests.
6. The brawl escalated into a full-scale affray.
7. The nightclub security personnel handled the affray well.
8. An affray occurred in the crowded market square.
9. The affray at the concert led to a cancellation.
10. The street affray disrupted traffic for hours.
11. Police officers arrived promptly to contain the affray.
12. Witnesses were interviewed to gather information about the affray.
13. The media covered the affray extensively.
14. An affray like this can have serious legal consequences.
15. The crowded nightclub erupted into an affray as rival gangs clashed in a frenzied brawl.
16. Witnesses to the affray provided conflicting accounts of who instigated the violence.
17. The news of the affray spread rapidly, alarming residents and prompting calls for increased security.
18. Several arrests were made following the affray, as authorities sought to hold those responsible accountable.
19. The affray left behind a trail of destruction, with shattered glass and overturned furniture littering the area.
20. The bar owner implemented strict measures to prevent future affrays from occurring on the premises.
21. The victims of the affray were treated for their injuries at the nearby hospital.
22. The affray served as a stark reminder of the simmering tensions within the community.
23. The footage of the affray went viral on social media, sparking a heated debate about public safety.
24. Residents organized a community meeting to discuss ways to prevent affrays and promote peace.
25. The local newspaper dedicated a front-page article to the affray, raising awareness about the need for conflict resolution strategies.


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