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Examples of 'agape' in a Sentence

1. Her agape for animals led her to rescue countless strays.
2. The agape in their friendship was unbreakable, lasting a lifetime.
3. In times of crisis, agape from strangers can be a lifeline.
4. He felt a deep agape for the less fortunate and dedicated his life to helping them.
5. The world could use more agape to heal its wounds and divisions.
6. Their relationship was built on a foundation of agape.
7. The parents' agape for their children was evident in every action.
8. The volunteer's agape for humanity drove their charitable efforts.
9. The concept of agape is often associated with spiritual teachings.
10. His agape for animals led him to rescue countless strays.
11. The story of their agape-filled friendship inspired everyone who heard it.
12. In times of crisis, communities often come together with agape.
13. The nurse's agape for her patients extended beyond her professional duties.
14. The preacher's sermon emphasized the importance of agape in daily life.
15. The organization's mission was driven by the principles of agape.
16. Their unwavering agape supported each other through thick and thin.
17. The film portrayed a heartwarming tale of agape triumphing over adversity.
18. The elderly woman's agape touched the lives of everyone in her neighborhood.
19. The mentor's agape guided the young artist toward success.
20. The friendship was characterized by mutual agape and respect.
21. The religious teachings spoke of God's boundless agape for humanity.
22. Acts of agape have the power to transform societies.
23. The agape-filled letter moved her to tears of gratitude.
24. The organization's volunteers showed agape through their tireless dedication.


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