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Examples of 'agglomeration' in a Sentence

1. The library is an agglomeration of knowledge and books.
2. Economic agglomeration benefits businesses in many ways.
3. The museum's exhibit is an agglomeration of historical artifacts.
4. The marketplace is an agglomeration of various vendors.
5. The company's success is due to the agglomeration of talent.
6. The city's nightlife offers an agglomeration of entertainment options.
7. The agglomeration of data helped researchers draw conclusions.
8. The festival created an agglomeration of artistic expressions.
9. The internet is an agglomeration of information and services.
10. Political agglomeration can lead to more effective governance.
11. The beach town is an agglomeration of tourists during summer.
12. The novel is an agglomeration of multiple storylines.
13. The market is an agglomeration of various goods and services.
14. The agglomeration of talents created a successful startup.
15. The city's downtown area is a vibrant agglomeration of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.
16. The conference attracted an agglomeration of experts from various fields.
17. The art gallery showcased an agglomeration of diverse artistic styles and mediums.
18. The university campus is an agglomeration of academic buildings, student residences, and recreational facilities.
19. The market square was a bustling agglomeration of vendors, shoppers, and street performers.
20. The city's financial district is an agglomeration of banks, investment firms, and corporate headquarters.
21. The neighborhood is known for its agglomeration of quaint cafes and boutique shops.
22. The research institute fosters an agglomeration of brilliant minds working together on cutting-edge projects.
23. The festival grounds were an agglomeration of music stages, food stalls, and carnival rides.
24. The agglomeration of skyscrapers in the downtown skyline is an impressive sight.
25. The shopping mall is an agglomeration of retail stores, entertainment venues, and dining options.

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