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Examples of 'aggrandize' in a Sentence


1. The politician used propaganda to aggrandize his image as a protector of the people.
2. He was accused of aggrandizing his role in the project in order to get a promotion.
3. She wanted to aggrandize her role in the project, even though her contribution was minimal.
4. The novel seems to aggrandize the exploits of its protagonist, making him appear nearly superhuman.
5. Some corporations engage in charity not just for altruistic reasons, but to aggrandize their public image.
6. The ancient ruler built monumental structures to aggrandize his empire and display his power to the world.
7. He tends to aggrandize his achievements to impress others.
8. Politicians often aggrandize their accomplishments during campaigns.
9. Some people aggrandize their social media profiles to seem more exciting.
10. Don't aggrandize your role in the project; be honest about your contribution.
11. The CEO's memoir seemed to aggrandize his leadership abilities.
12. The film exaggerated the protagonist's actions to aggrandize the plot.
13. She didn't need to aggrandize herself; her work spoke for her.
14. Media outlets sometimes aggrandize celebrities to boost ratings.
15. They aggrandized their company's success to attract investors.
16. Be cautious not to aggrandize your wealth; it may alienate others.
17. He had a tendency to aggrandize the difficulties he faced.
18. The historian sought to aggrandize the significance of the discovery.
19. Some authors aggrandize their characters to create epic narratives.
20. He felt no need to aggrandize his position within the group.
21. The artist didn't aggrandize the beauty of the natural landscape.
22. Don't aggrandize yourself; be genuine in your interactions.
23. The marketing team worked hard to aggrandize the product's appeal.
24. Their goal was not to aggrandize their wealth but to give back to the community.


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