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Examples of 'aggregate' in a Sentence


1. All the tiny moments of joy, in aggregate, define a happy life.
2. The conference drew an aggregate of 5,000 attendees from around the world.
3. In aggregate, these studies highlight the importance of early intervention.
4. The project's costs, when taken in aggregate, exceeded our initial budget.
5. The aggregate opinions of the citizens will influence the new policy.
6. We assessed the aggregate impact of the changes before implementing them.
7. The survey captured the aggregate preferences of the consumer base.
8. Our team's aggregate efforts resulted in the project's success.
9. The aggregate sales from all branches showed a marked increase.
10. By examining the data in aggregate, we discovered unexpected patterns.
11. The aggregate of their achievements was truly remarkable.
12. The aggregate data suggests that the initiative has been effective.
13. Her aggregate knowledge from various courses made her an interdisciplinary expert.
14. The aggregate sum of all donations will go directly to the affected families.


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