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Examples of 'aggressor' in a Sentence

1. The aggressor's motives for the attack remain unclear.
2. The nation prepared its defenses against potential aggressors.
3. The United Nations strives to maintain peace by deterring aggressors.
4. The allies united to repel the aggressor's forces.
5. Detecting the aggressor's intentions is a top priority.
6. Aggressors often face consequences for their actions.
7. The military mobilized to defend against the aggressor.
8. The aggressor's invasion sparked an international crisis.
9. Diplomats work to de-escalate tensions with potential aggressors.
10. The country was determined to resist the aggressor's advances.
11. The international community condemned the actions of the aggressor.
12. Intelligence agencies monitor the activities of potential aggressors.
13. Aggressors often underestimate the resolve of their targets.
14. The aggressor's aggression was met with a swift and united response.
15. The police quickly apprehended the aggressor who started the fight.
16. The UN condemned the actions of the aggressor in the border dispute.
17. The school implemented measures to address bullying and identify the aggressors.
18. The aggressor launched a surprise attack, catching the opposing army off guard.
19. The victim bravely stood up to her aggressor, refusing to be intimidated.
20. The aggressor in the conflict showed no signs of backing down, escalating tensions further.
21. The therapist helped the client explore coping strategies for dealing with workplace aggressors.
22. The peace negotiations aimed to bring a resolution between the two nations, identifying the aggressor and victim.
23. The bystanders intervened to protect the victim and restrain the aggressor.
24. The media reported on the court trial of the alleged aggressor, presenting evidence and witness testimonies.
25. The government vowed to take decisive action against any aggressor threatening the nation's security.

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