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Examples of 'aggrieved' in a Sentence

1. The aggrieved farmers protested against the unfair land acquisition.
2. Tom had an aggrieved air about him after the argument with his friend.
3. The town's aggrieved residents sought compensation for the mishap.
4. She listened to his aggrieved complaints but remained unmoved.
5. The young athlete felt aggrieved by the unjust selection process.
6. An aggrieved tone seeped into her voice as she recounted the betrayal.
7. The committee handled the issues raised by the aggrieved members.
8. I could sense he was aggrieved by the unfavorable review.
9. The parents were aggrieved when the school decided to cancel the trip.
10. The aggrieved artist withdrew his exhibit from the gallery.
11. Many aggrieved citizens marched through the streets demanding justice.
12. After the accident, the aggrieved family sought counseling to cope.
13. The retailer tried to appease the aggrieved customers with refunds.
14. Despite her aggrieved feelings, she held her head high and moved on.

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