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Examples of 'agnostic' in a Sentence

1. Her agnostic views encourage open-minded discussions.
2. Agnosticism allows for exploration of spirituality without certainty.
3. The agnostic group welcomes diverse perspectives on faith.
4. Agnostics acknowledge the mystery of the divine.
5. Being agnostic, he's comfortable with uncertainty in life.
6. Agnostic philosophy encourages intellectual exploration.
7. Agnostics find solace in not claiming absolute knowledge.
8. She identifies as an agnostic but respects all beliefs.
9. The agnostic approach promotes tolerance and understanding.
10. Agnostics value skepticism and critical thinking.
11. The agnostic's perspective invites contemplation of the unknown.
12. Agnosticism fosters a sense of wonder about the universe.
13. Agnostics prioritize questioning over blind faith.
14. As an agnostic, he embraces the uncertainty of existence.
15. He was an agnostic, unsure of the existence of God.
16. The company's CEO was an agnostic, not making any religious statement.
17. He described himself as an agnostic, not sure about the afterlife.
18. She was agnostic about the possibility of extraterrestrial life.
19. The group's lyrics were agnostic, not promoting any specific belief.
20. He was agnostic about the effectiveness of the new policy.
21. She was agnostic on the matter, not taking a clear stance.
22. The politician was agnostic about the proposed legislation.
23. He was agnostic about the future of the economy.
24. She was agnostic about the outcome of the election.
25. The company was agnostic about the potential merger.


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