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Examples of 'agog' in a Sentence

1. The fashion world is agog at the young designer's creative and innovative styles.
2. The gaming community is agog with anticipation for the release of the long-awaited sequel.
3. The court was agog as the judge delivered his verdict.
4. The employees were agog when the CEO made a surprise visit to the office.
5. The students were agog at the teacher's story about her adventures in the Amazon rainforest.
6. The book club was agog to discuss the unexpected twists and turns in the novel they just read.
7. The children were agog with excitement as they entered the theme park.
8. News of the royal engagement left the entire nation agog.
9. The mysterious letter had her agog, wondering about its contents.
10. The thrilling adventure novel had readers agog with anticipation.
11. The stunning fireworks display had the crowd agog with awe.
12. The intriguing detective story had everyone agog for the next chapter.
13. The art gallery opening had art enthusiasts agog with anticipation.
14. The upcoming concert had fans agog, counting down the days.
15. The scientific breakthrough had the scientific community agog.
16. The rare antique find left collectors agog with excitement.
17. The suspenseful movie had the audience agog, on the edge of their seats.
18. The exotic cuisine had diners agog, savoring every bite.
19. The championship match had sports fans agog with enthusiasm.
20. The surprise announcement had the employees agog with curiosity.
21. The archaeological discovery had historians agog with fascination.
22. The fashion show had the fashionistas agog, admiring the designs.
23. The stunning sunset had beachgoers agog, snapping photos.
24. The wildlife documentary had viewers agog with wonder.
25. The charity event had philanthropists agog, ready to contribute.
26. The impending product launch had tech enthusiasts agog with anticipation.


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