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Examples of 'agreeable' in a Sentence

1. The food was both delicious and agreeable to everyone.
2. The agreeable view from the mountaintop took their breath away.
3. His agreeable disposition made him a great host.
4. An agreeable surprise awaited her on her birthday.
5. The warm, agreeable sunshine lifted their spirits.
6. An agreeable compromise was reached during the negotiations.
7. They had an agreeable dinner at the new restaurant.
8. An agreeable sense of camaraderie filled the room.
9. The hotel offered agreeable amenities for guests.
10. The soothing music created an agreeable atmosphere.
11. Her agreeable suggestions improved the project.
12. The fragrance of the flowers was agreeable to everyone.
13. They reached an agreeable decision on the travel destination.
14. The beach vacation was wonderfully agreeable.
15. The weather was agreeable, with a gentle breeze and clear skies.
16. We reached an agreeable compromise that satisfied both parties.
17. The hotel staff were very agreeable, providing excellent service throughout our stay.
18. The painting's colors were bright and agreeable to the eye.
19. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee was highly agreeable in the morning.
20. The team had an agreeable discussion, respecting each other's viewpoints.
21. The music playing in the background created an agreeable ambiance.
22. The restaurant's menu offered a variety of agreeable options for different dietary preferences.
23. The garden was an agreeable spot for a leisurely afternoon stroll.
24. The negotiations were surprisingly agreeable, resulting in a swift resolution.
25. Everyone found the movie to be highly agreeable, as it had a compelling storyline and engaging performances.

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