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Examples of 'aid' in a Sentence

1. The rescue team rushed to aid the stranded hikers.
2. Offering a hand of friendship can greatly aid reconciliation.
3. Technology can aid in streamlining business processes.
4. Their generous contributions aid disaster relief efforts.
5. The instructions will aid you in assembling the furniture.
6. Timely intervention can aid in preventing accidents.
7. Her encouragement will aid in boosting confidence.
8. The therapist's guidance aids in emotional healing.
9. The government is committed to aiding the homeless population.
10. A good education can aid in personal development.
11. Cooperation among team members can aid in success.
12. Proper planning can aid in achieving long-term goals.
13. The grant will aid in funding scientific research.
14. Kindness and empathy can greatly aid in building relationships.
15. She offered to aid her friend in moving to a new apartment.
16. The teacher provided extra study materials to aid the students in preparing for the exam.
17. The government allocated funds to aid the development of underprivileged communities.
18. The hiker used a walking stick to aid her in traversing the challenging terrain.
19. The new software was designed to aid businesses in streamlining their operations.
20. The medication was prescribed to aid in relieving the patient's pain.
21. The charity organization distributed food and supplies to aid the homeless population.
22. The search and rescue team used helicopters to aid in locating the missing hiker.
23. The therapist used relaxation techniques to aid the patient in managing their anxiety.
24. The tutorial video was created to aid users in understanding the software's features.
25. The lifeguard rushed to aid the struggling swimmer in the pool.


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