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Examples of 'ailment' in a Sentence


1. In the garden, amidst blossoms, Ann forgot her ailment for brief, precious moments.
2. The ailment’s grip tightened, yet in that darkness, Peter found unexpected light.
3. Jane wore a smile, a mask concealing the ailment that danced cruelly within.
4. Amidst laughter and tales, an ailment waited, silent, a story yet untold, haunting.
5. David penned poems, each verse a battle cry against the encroaching ailment.
6. With every sunset, the ailment’s shadows grew, yet hope was not extinguished.
7. The ailment, a thief in the night, stole moments but not the spirit’s flame.
8. In silence, Beth faced the ailment, a quiet warrior amidst whispered battles.
9. As winter’s chill set in, so did the ailment, a cold visitor, unwelcome.
10. Children’s laughter, a balm, offered moments of respite from the haunting ailment.
11. Mark’s ailment, an unsolved puzzle, challenged, yet did not define his existence.
12. Each pill, a weapon in the ceaseless battle waged against the relentless ailment.
13. The ailment whispered of fragility, yet within its echo, strength emerged, untamed.
14. To the world, a warrior; in solitude, a soul wrestling with an unseen ailment.
15. The doctor diagnosed her with a respiratory ailment, prescribing medication and rest.
16. She sought herbal remedies to alleviate her digestive ailment.
17. The flu outbreak in the community resulted in numerous people suffering from respiratory ailments.
18. The athlete's ankle injury was a common sports ailment.
19. Stress and anxiety can exacerbate existing ailments and lead to new health issues.
20. The elderly population is more susceptible to age-related ailments such as arthritis and hypertension.
21. The herbal tea is known for its healing properties and its ability to alleviate minor ailments.
22. Regular exercise and a balanced diet can help prevent many common ailments.
23. The clinic offers specialized treatments for skin ailments such as acne and eczema.
24. The doctor recommended lifestyle modifications to manage her chronic ailment effectively.
25. Adequate sleep and relaxation can boost the immune system and prevent ailments.

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