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Examples of 'airborne' in a Sentence

1. The drone soared silently through the clear, open sky, capturing breathtaking airborne footage.
2. Military operations often involve dropping supplies to remote areas from an airborne position.
3. Airborne allergens like pollen can make spring a challenging season for allergy sufferers.
4. In regions with heavy industrial activity, airborne pollutants contribute significantly to air quality problems.
5. The firefighter's mask protected him from inhaling the dangerous airborne toxins.
6. Airborne transmission is a concern with highly contagious diseases like COVID-19.
7. The wind carried the scent of blooming flowers through the air in an airborne symphony.
8. Aircraft require a specific speed and angle of ascent to become fully airborne.
9. Dust control measures are crucial on construction sites to prevent harmful airborne particles.
10. The pilot skillfully kept the aircraft stable while navigating through turbulent airborne conditions.
11. Airborne pathogens can be a significant threat in healthcare settings, requiring strict protocols.
12. The biplane performed daring aerial maneuvers, showcasing its agile airborne capabilities.
13. Airborne pollutants can have long-term effects on both human health and the environment.
14. Researchers study the behavior of airborne particles to improve air quality standards.
15. The drone soared through the sky, capturing stunning aerial views from its airborne position.
16. The pilot skillfully maneuvered the airborne helicopter over the city.
17. The firefighter donned an airborne suit before entering the smoke-filled building.
18. The infectious bacteria became airborne, leading to the rapid spread of the disease.
19. The paratroopers jumped from the plane, descending towards the drop zone in their airborne operation.
20. The dust storm created a thick cloud of airborne particles, reducing visibility in the desert.
21. The birds swooped and danced in the sky, performing intricate airborne acrobatics.
22. The pollen count was high, causing allergies for those sensitive to airborne allergens.
23. The airborne soldiers parachuted into enemy territory, ready for their mission.
24. The aerospace engineer designed innovative airborne vehicles for futuristic transportation.
25. The jet fighter streaked across the sky, leaving behind a trail of airborne thunder.

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