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Examples of 'al-dente' in a Sentence

1. The spaghetti was overcooked; I like it al-dente.
2. Al-dente vegetables add crunch to the stir-fry.
3. The lasagna had layers of al-dente pasta sheets.
4. He praised the chef for the al-dente gnocchi.
5. The secret to his spaghetti is cooking it al-dente.
6. Al-dente linguine served with a rich tomato sauce.
7. The shrimp scampi came with al-dente linguine.
8. She cooked the quinoa al-dente for a nutritious salad.
9. The pasta salad was tossed with al-dente fusilli.
10. Al-dente penne pasta pairs perfectly with pesto.
11. The fettuccine alfredo was delightfully al-dente.
12. Al-dente rice adds texture to sushi rolls.
13. The gnocchi was soft yet al-dente on the inside.
14. Al-dente cooking is the secret to perfect pasta dishes.
15. She prefers her pasta cooked al-dente, with a slight bite to it.
16. The al-dente risotto had a delightful texture, neither too soft nor too firm.
17. The restaurant's al-dente noodles were perfectly cooked and full of flavor.
18. He cooked the al-dente broccoli until it was tender yet still had a pleasant crunch.
19. The recipe instructed to boil the rice al-dente for a perfect pilaf.
20. The al-dente green beans added a delightful crunch to the dish.
21. She mastered the technique of cooking al-dente gnocchi, resulting in pillowy yet firm dumplings.
22. The pasta salad was prepared with al-dente macaroni to maintain its structure in the dressing.
23. The al-dente tagliatelle was served with a rich tomato sauce and fresh basil.
24. The chef insisted on cooking the al-dente couscous to achieve the desired texture.
25. The perfectly al-dente asparagus spears were served alongside grilled salmon.

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