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Examples of 'alchemy' in a Sentence

1. Some argue that cooking is the alchemy of the modern age.
2. In dark rooms, alchemy was thought to unlock secrets of the universe.
3. Alchemy, to some, represents the quest for eternal life.
4. Literature can be the alchemy of the soul, transforming thoughts.
5. While alchemy faded, its spirit lives on in modern chemistry.
6. They found ancient texts on alchemy hidden in the attic.
7. Through alchemy, philosophers hoped to find the philosopher's stone.
8. The blend of spices in her dish was pure culinary alchemy.
9. Magic, alchemy, and science were once entwined disciplines.
10. To him, love was the alchemy that turned pain into passion.
11. Some say the true goal of alchemy was spiritual enlightenment.
12. The library held rare manuscripts on alchemy and its mysteries.
13. Coffee, to me, is the morning's alchemy for the mind.
14. Alchemy's allure was not just gold but the promise of immortality.
15. His tales of alchemy drew curious listeners from all around.
16. The world of alchemy is filled with symbols, codes, and riddles.
17. Alchemy's legacy can still be seen in today's medicinal practices.
18. The alchemy of her voice turned words into haunting melodies.
19. With a dash of alchemy, old tales become new adventures.
20. Alchemy is an ancient practice that seeks to transform base metals into gold.
21. The study of alchemy has a long and fascinating history.
22. Alchemy was once considered a mystical and secretive art.
23. The goal of alchemy was not only to create gold but also to discover the philosopher's stone.
24. Many famous scientists and philosophers dabbled in alchemy, including Isaac Newton.
25. The practice of alchemy involves a deep understanding of the natural world and its processes.
26. Alchemy has influenced many other fields, including medicine and chemistry.
27. The alchemists believed in the power of symbols and mystical rituals to achieve their goals.
28. Some alchemists claimed to have discovered the secret to transmuting metals, but these claims were often exaggerated or fraudulent.
29. Today, alchemy is often studied as a historical curiosity rather than a serious scientific pursuit.
30. Despite its reputation as a pseudoscience, alchemy remains a fascinating and mysterious subject that continues to capture the imagination of many people.


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