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Examples of 'allay' in a Sentence

1. The principal's speech at the assembly helped to allay the students' fears about the upcoming exams.
2. The financial aid offered by the government will allay the burdens faced by the low-income families.
3. He tried to allay her fears by telling her that he would be home soon.
4. The medicine helped to allay the pain in her chest.
5. The sight of her mother helped to allay the little girl's fears.
6. The central bank took measures to allay the fears of a recession.
7. She knew that only time would allay her grief.
8. He hoped that a good night's sleep would allay his anxiety.
9. The hot soup helped to allay her cold symptoms.
10. The manager's calm demeanor helped to allay the anxiety of the employees.
11. She tried to allay his fears about the dark by telling him that there were no monsters.
12. He hoped that her explanation would allay his concerns about her whereabouts.
13. The captain's announcement helped to allay the passengers' fears about the turbulence.
14. She tried to allay her mother's concerns by calling her every day.


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