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Examples of 'allegation' in a Sentence

1. The athlete vehemently denied the doping allegations made against him.
2. Allegations of police brutality sparked protests in the city.
3. Allegations of cyberattacks raised concerns about national security.
4. The ongoing legal battle revolves around allegations of copyright infringement.
5. Journalists should strive to verify facts before reporting on sensitive allegations.
6. The single allegation against him raised serious concerns.
7. Her accusation was the only allegation presented in court.
8. The allegation of fraud rocked the financial industry.
9. A single, unsubstantiated allegation can have far-reaching consequences.
10. The allegation was made in a confidential report.
11. He vehemently denied the allegation in the press conference.
12. The allegation was thoroughly investigated by the authorities.
13. In the absence of concrete proof, the allegation remained unproven.
14. She hesitated to report the allegation for fear of retaliation.
15. The allegation was a major topic of discussion in the media.
16. He filed a lawsuit to address the allegation of defamation.
17. The allegation cast a shadow over the company's reputation.
18. The committee was tasked with reviewing the single allegation.
19. She faced the difficult task of defending herself against the allegation.
20. The allegation was eventually dismissed due to lack of evidence.
21. The allegation was a central point in the courtroom drama.
22. He admitted to his involvement after the allegation came to light.
23. The allegation had a profound impact on his personal life.
24. The single allegation prompted a thorough internal investigation.


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