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Examples of 'allegiance' in a Sentence

1. The citizen's allegiance to the government was tested during the crisis.
2. He kept his allegiance to his religious beliefs despite facing persecution.
3. She showed allegiance to her party by campaigning for its candidate.
4. The company's allegiance to its customers was evident in its commitment to quality.
5. He renounced his allegiance to the organization after discovering its unethical practices.
6. Her unwavering allegiance to her country defined her as a true patriot.
7. The soldiers proudly recited the oath of allegiance to the flag.
8. He began to question his allegiance to the political party as its values shifted.
9. Family loyalty often takes precedence over any other allegiance.
10. The athlete's allegiance was divided between two fiercely competing teams.
11. Demonstrating allegiance through civic participation is a fundamental duty.
12. National symbols serve to evoke a sense of allegiance and unity.
13. Religious beliefs can be a powerful source of unwavering allegiance.
14. She declared her fierce allegiance to the cause with unwavering passion.
15. Loyalty and allegiance are the cornerstones of any successful team.
16. The oath of allegiance represents a solemn commitment to one's nation.
17. Their shared values deepened their allegiance to each other over time.
18. Tribal allegiances played a pivotal role in shaping their society.
19. Business leaders greatly value employee allegiance and unwavering dedication.
20. The politician's deep allegiance to his constituents was both sincere and unwavering.
21. Cultural traditions often instill a strong sense of allegiance in individuals.
22. She began to question her allegiance to the company as its ethical standards declined.
23. A strong sense of community allegiance can foster a profound sense of belonging.
24. Friendships are built on trust and a mutual allegiance to one another.
25. The teacher worked tirelessly to instill in her students a profound allegiance to the pursuit of knowledge.


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