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Examples of 'alliance' in a Sentence

1. The alliance of artists showcased their diverse talents.
2. The student alliance advocated for campus improvements.
3. The alliance of nonprofits worked to alleviate poverty.
4. The military alliance defended against common threats.
5. An alliance between rival gangs aimed to reduce violence.
6. The healthcare alliance improved access to medical care.
7. The marriage was an alliance of two loving souls.
8. The alliance of educators prioritized quality teaching.
9. The tech giants formed an alliance to combat cyber threats.
10. The music industry alliance supported emerging artists.
11. The political alliance had a shared vision for economic growth.
12. The cultural alliance celebrated diversity through art.
13. The alliance of nations brokered a peace agreement.
14. The military alliance provided support and defense to member nations.
15. The alliance between the two political parties aimed to promote common policy goals.
16. The trade alliance facilitated economic cooperation between countries.
17. The strategic alliance between the tech giants led to innovative product development.
18. The alliance of environmental organizations worked together to protect endangered species.
19. The student alliance organized events and campaigns to address social issues on campus.
20. The international alliance condemned the human rights violations in the region.
21. The alliance between the athletes and the sponsors resulted in successful endorsements.
22. The research alliance promoted collaboration among scientists from different disciplines.
23. The diplomatic alliance fostered peaceful relations between neighboring countries.
24. The alliance of non-profit organizations provided aid and support in disaster-stricken areas.

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