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Examples of 'allied' in a Sentence

1. Their allied efforts led to a breakthrough discovery.
2. Allied countries share a commitment to peace.
3. The allies celebrated their successful joint venture.
4. The scientist collaborated with an allied researcher.
5. Allied businesses often enjoy mutual benefits.
6. The two schools are part of an allied educational network.
7. Allied nations came to each other's aid during the conflict.
8. The allies supported each other during challenging times.
9. The allied organizations pooled their resources for the project.
10. Allied interests aligned in pursuit of a common goal.
11. The two countries have strong, allied diplomatic ties.
12. Allied groups work together to promote environmental conservation.
13. The companies formed an allied marketing campaign.
14. Allied efforts in research have yielded significant results.
15. The two countries formed an allied partnership for mutual defense.
16. They were part of an allied organization dedicated to environmental conservation.
17. The company collaborated with allied businesses to launch a new product line.
18. The allied nations worked together to promote peace and stability in the region.
19. The research teams from different universities formed an allied group to share findings.
20. The allied efforts resulted in a successful fundraising campaign for the charity.
21. The students formed an allied club to advocate for social justice issues.
22. The allied companies merged to create a stronger market presence.
23. The artists collaborated on an allied project, combining their talents and styles.
24. The allied healthcare professionals provided comprehensive patient care.
25. The allied organizations coordinated relief efforts during the natural disaster.

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