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Examples of 'allow' in a Sentence

1. The keycard will allow access to the restricted area.
2. The rules allow for a maximum of two guests.
3. The contract does not allow for any modifications.
4. The software will allow you to edit photos.
5. The dress code allows for casual attire on Fridays.
6. The system will allow you to save your progress.
7. The terms and conditions allow for cancellation within 24 hours.
8. The security clearance will allow you to enter the building.
9. The scholarship will allow her to pursue her education.
10. The regulations allow for a grace period of two weeks.
11. The website will allow you to create an account.
12. The organization will allow volunteers to participate in the event.
13. The company policy does not allow for personal phone calls during work hours.
14. The upgrade will allow you to access additional features.


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