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Examples of 'allude' in a Sentence


1. The comedian skillfully incorporates jokes that allude to pop culture references.
2. The lyrics of the song slyly allude to a forbidden love affair.
3. The advertisement cleverly alludes to the product's effectiveness without making direct claims.
4. The novel's ending leaves room for interpretation, allowing readers to allude to their own conclusions.
5. The professor's lecture frequently alludes to real-life examples to enhance understanding.
6. The artist's abstract sculpture hints at various emotions without explicitly alluding to any one feeling.
7. The detective's comments subtly allude to a possible suspect without naming them.
8. The architect's design alludes to the surrounding natural landscape.
9. The historical novel contains subtle references that allude to significant events of the era.
10. The poet's verses skillfully allude to the beauty of nature.
11. The advertisement cleverly alludes to the product's popularity among celebrities.
12. The movie's dialogue often contains witty lines that allude to classic films.
13. The politician's speech is carefully crafted to allude to the needs of different demographics.
14. The children's book uses playful illustrations that allude to well-known fairy tales.


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