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Examples of 'ally' in a Sentence

1. The team captain worked to ally the different players' strengths.
2. The activist groups allied to advocate for social justice.
3. The tribes formed an alliance to ally against external threats.
4. The students formed a study group to ally and improve their academic performance.
5. The businesses sought to ally their brands for a joint marketing campaign.
6. The communities came together to ally against rising crime rates.
7. The organizations united to ally against discrimination and promote equality.
8. The countries' leaders met to ally their diplomatic efforts.
9. The musicians collaborated to ally their talents for a charity concert.
10. The athletes trained together to ally their skills and achieve success.
11. The parties aligned their interests to ally in negotiations.
12. The parents formed an alliance to ally for improved education standards.
13. The two nations decided to ally for economic growth and stability.
14. The superheroes will ally to defeat the powerful supervillain.
15. Tech companies often ally to develop cutting-edge innovations.
16. Local businesses ally to revitalize the downtown area.
17. The unions will ally to negotiate better worker benefits.
18. Scientists and educators ally to promote STEM education.
19. In times of crisis, nations may ally for mutual defense.
20. Artists and musicians often ally to create inspiring collaborations.
21. Nonprofits ally to address pressing social issues.
22. The rival gangs surprisingly chose to ally against a common threat.
23. Diplomats work tirelessly to ally nations in pursuit of peace.


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