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Examples of 'almanac' in a Sentence

1. The almanac's weather section forecasted rain for the weekend.
2. The antique almanac provided insights into daily life in the 1800s.
3. The almanac listed holidays and celebrations throughout the year.
4. The fishing almanac was essential for planning angling trips.
5. Astronomers consulted the celestial almanac for planetary movements.
6. The historical almanac contained information on famous explorers.
7. The almanac's gardening section offered advice on pest control.
8. The almanac predicted a solar eclipse for the coming year.
9. The almanac's lunar calendar indicated the best times for planting.
10. The almanac featured a comprehensive list of notable birthdays.
11. She found the almanac's astrological section fascinating.
12. The sports almanac provided statistics on athletes and teams.
13. The almanac's health tips promoted a balanced lifestyle.
14. The almanac's index made it easy to find specific information.
15. The almanac's folklore section included legends and superstitions.
16. The almanac's recipes were a source of culinary inspiration.
17. The historical almanac covered important events from centuries ago.
18. The almanac's trivia section was perfect for quizzing friends.
19. The almanac's maps helped travelers navigate unfamiliar regions.


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