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Examples of 'aloof' in a Sentence

1. He remained aloof throughout the party, standing off to the side and not interacting with anyone.
2. Despite the chaos around her, she remained aloof, her expression calm and detached.
3. The cat sat on the windowsill, watching the world go by with an aloof expression.
4. He was always aloof, rarely letting anyone get close to him emotionally.
5. She was known for being aloof and cool, rarely showing any emotion.
6. She joined the group but remained aloof and emotionally distant.
7. The actor was aloof and distant at the press conference, answering questions in monosyllables.
8. He was always aloof and reserved, rarely joining in group activities.
9. The company was criticized for being aloof and unresponsive to customer complaints.
10. Despite being surrounded by people, he felt aloof and disconnected from the world.
11. She was always aloof and distant, making it difficult for others to get to know her.
12. She remained aloof, avoiding eye contact with anyone.
13. His aloof demeanor made it hard to approach him.
14. The CEO appeared aloof during the staff meeting.
15. The cat often seems aloof, even to its owners.
16. Her aloof attitude created a barrier between us.
17. He kept an aloof distance from social gatherings.
18. The professor's aloof teaching style puzzled students.
19. The politician's aloof nature turned voters away.
20. Despite her beauty, she came across as aloof.
21. The aloof boss rarely interacted with employees.
22. They found his aloof behavior off-putting.
23. The aloof neighbor seldom acknowledged greetings.
24. The aloof stranger sat quietly in the corner.

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