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Examples of 'alter-ego' in a Sentence

1. The masked vigilante's alter-ego remained a well-guarded secret.
2. The musician's alter-ego emerged on stage, captivating the audience.
3. Her alter-ego in the virtual world was a fierce warrior.
4. The actor transformed into his character's alter-ego for the role.
5. As a writer, he explored the concept of alter-egos in his novels.
6. The artist's alter-ego expressed emotions through abstract paintings.
7. In therapy, he confronted his alter-ego to understand his inner conflicts.
8. In his novels, the author often explores the concept of an alter-ego.
9. The superhero's alter-ego lived a completely ordinary life.
10. He created an alter-ego for the stage to overcome his shyness.
11. The detective's alter-ego allowed him to blend in with the criminal underworld.
12. The artist's alter-ego emerged in the form of her eccentric, abstract paintings.
13. The comedian's alter-ego had the audience roaring with laughter.
14. The scientist's alter-ego was a passionate advocate for environmental causes.
15. The shy teenager transformed into his alter-ego on the dance floor.
16. She used her alter-ego as a pen name for her provocative writings.
17. His alter-ego, the rock star, had a wild reputation on and offstage.
18. The introverted office worker had an alter-ego as a daring skydiver.
19. The musician's alter-ego allowed him to explore new musical genres.
20. The character in the video game served as the player's alter-ego in a virtual world.
21. Her alter-ego, "The Midnight Runner," was known for charitable deeds.
22. The actor seamlessly transitioned into his alter-ego for the role.
23. The writer's alter-ego took on a life of its own in the fictional universe.
24. The therapist encouraged her patient to explore her alter-ego as a therapeutic exercise.
25. The magician's alter-ego as "The Illusionist" captivated audiences worldwide.
26. The alter-ego of the detective allowed him to solve crimes that eluded him in his regular life.

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